We tackle complex problems with elegant & simple solutions


Approachable strength building exercises for women that live a hectic lifestyle and want to get active in the comfort of their own home.


An at-home reproductive health screening device for low risk patients, providing wider access to women and enabling more control of their own overall health.

Public Health

An interactive exhibition aimed at connection people meaningfully

W+ Home 2.0

A new potential renewable energy that changes the way energy & power can be managed.


Reimagining the voting experience for the nation of Populus to better serve all voters.


Technology geared towards children and parents

Dining in Space

Envisioning a dining experience that sets the standard for innovation in space

W+ Home

An accessible and simplified solar energy system that supports ethical lifestyles.


Inspired by Asian elderly culture, we want to promote a value that is shared universally.

As a full-service, multi-disciplinary mock design agency, we work closely with our clients to define, design & develop transformative product & user experiences across a variety of industries.

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